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Beretta Nano: Small

Beretta Pico: Small

Bersa BP CC: Small

Bersa Thunder: Small

Citadel Cerakote 1911: Medium

Cimarron 1911: Medium

Colt 1991: Medium

Colt Defender: Medium

Colt Gold Cup: Medium

Colt Mustang: Small

Colt New Agent: Medium

Colt XSE: Medium

Dan Wesson 1911: Medium

Glock (all except the 42): Medium

Glock 42: Small

Khar CM/CV: Small

Khar P/PM: Medium

Kel-Tec PF9/P11/P32/P3AT: Small

Kimber (all 1911's): Medium

Kimber Solo: Small

North American Arms Guardian: Small

Nighthawk (all 1911 style: Medium

Para USA (all 1911 style): Medium

Remington 1911: Medium

Rock Island .22 TCM: Medium

Rock River 1911: Medium

Ruger SR1911: Medium

SCCY CPX: Medium

Sig Sauer P210/P224/P239: Medium

Sig Sauer P220/P226/P227/P229/P250: Large

Smith $ Wesson Bodyguard .380: Small

Smith & Wesson Shield: Medium

Smith & Wesson M&P .40 & .45 full size: Large

Springfield Armory 1911 style: Medium

Springfield Armory XD Full size: Large

Springfield Armory XD-S: Medium

Stoeger Cougar: Medium

Taurus 24/7 and large frame: Large

Taurus 1911: Medium

Taurus Small Frame: Small

Taylors 1911 style: Medium

Thompson Custom 1911: Medium

Walther CCP/P99/PPS/PPQ: Medium

Walther PPK & PPK2: Small

Wilson Combat 1911: Medium

Charter Arms Pitbull/Bulldog/MadPug: Large

Charter Arms Undercover: Large

Ruger LCR: Large