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   Frequently asked questions about Timeout campers and trailers and Cyclemate cargo trailers.

    First and foremost, we sell the campers that we at Asylumcycle personally use and love, and that is the Timeout trailers brand. Feel free to ask any questions, we will answer them all to the best of our knowledge. We will tell you any tips and tricks that we have learned and tried ourselves. We have towed our Timeout camper across windy flatlands, through the Bighorn mountains, over the Beartooth pass and back. We stand behind the Timeout camper and trailer brand.

Bike Wiring:

The Wiring Schematic that we use is:

Pin 1 - Yellow Wire - Left Turn Signal

Pin 2 - Green Wire - Right Turn Signal

Pin 3 - Brown Wire - Running Lights

Pin 4 - Red Wire - Brake Lights

Pin 5 - White Wire - Ground  

    We use a 5 wire round plug on all our trailers unless otherwise specified. The bike end harness comes with your new trailer purchase as well.


      Seal the tent stitching. The timeout motorcycle and small car camper is waterproof but the stitching on the canvas needs to be sealed. On the sides of the Timeout camper, seam sealer works fine. The top of the tent however, is made of vinyl and should be sealed with sportsmans goop on the 3 seams where the poles are sown in. You can purchase both these sealers from Asylumcycle, we will have the sealer in stock. The top of the Timeout was sealed from the factory but will need to be resealed every year. You must reseal the seams every year or the tent will leak!!!

   Check your bearings regularly. You should repack your bearings every 5000 miles or at least once a year.

    Use vinyl protector on the hinge covers. The vinyl protecting the hinges can wear out from extended exposure to the weather. To extend the vinyl's life, use a vinyl protector like you would put on the top of a vinyl roof of a car. Do this at least once a year.

    Lubricate the poles. To make the poles slide easier, use silicone or dry slide on them as often as needed.

   When carrying the cooler make sure the hinges face forward so the cooler won't blow open.

   Storage of the trailer: When storing the Timeout trailer it is important the trailer is able to breathe; otherwise, humidity will become trapped inside causing rust and mildew. Prop the lid up to allow air to circulate inside!!! It just needs to be cracked open, it doesn't have to be much.


    Your new Timeout motorcycle camper comes with a one year limited, nontransferable warranty on all parts from the manufacturer. Timeout trailers will repair or replace parts as they deem necessary. Timeout Trailers are very proud of the workmanship that goes into their trailers and Timeout trailers and Asylumcycle want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

     Towing your timeout Trailer:

        When pulling your Timeout trailer, always use extra caution. A reduction in speed is recommended as well as allowing extra stopping distance. Turns will also require more room.

        Do not overload the trailer.The camper has a load capacity of 405lbs. We do not recommend carrying this much cargo with your motorcycle because the total would be 750lbs. The key to loading your trailer is to use common sense; the lighter your motorcycle is, the less you should tow.

     Load your cargo for the correct tongue weight. After your trailer is loaded you want to obtain about 20lbs of tongue weight. With 20 lbs of tongue weight you avoid putting excess weight on the back of your motorcycle. (Keep in mind that all trailers need some tongue weight to tow right). If you ever get sway while towing, the tongue weight is too light. Asylumcycle will have show you a very nice way to measure. The tool we use to measure is very small so it takes up very little room, and Asylumcycle will have the tool in stock and for sale with any Timeout Trailer, Cyclemate cargo trailer, or Timeout and slipstream camper.

  Asylumcyle will always be here to help you with your Timeout camper, Cyclemate cargo trailer, Slipstream camper, Slipstream cargo trailer, Dart trailer, Zephry trailer, Aerodyne trailer, CM1000 trailer, CM LTD trailer, CM 2000 trailer, Wind Raider trailer, XL 1500 trailer,XL 1800 trailer, HRT trailer, and any other questions or concerns you may have.

   Asylumcycle also has for sale a very nice, very bight, yet very small LED lighting system for any of our Timeout campers and cyclemate trailers.